“We’re the group. And there’s balance. And you took away the balance. Don’t you understand the most basic natural law? Well, of course you do – understood it and ignored it – on purpose – and killed Sally.”

Fall 2017:

Ran September 27-October 15 2017

The Citadel

304 Parliament St. Toronto, ON

Original Production:

Ran July 2-11 as part of The Toronto Fringe Festival 2015

Tarragon Theatre Mainspace (30 Bridgman Ave)

Ran July 21-24 as part of The Best of The Toronto Fringe Festival

Toronto Centre for The Arts (5040 Yonge St)

When a famous artist invites her old friends to her luxurious pool, for one night the group is back together. But celebrations come to an abrupt end when the host suffers a horrific accident. Unthinkably inspired, the group looks at her injuries and sees not only art, but fame for themselves.  

Tearing up the ideals of friendship and art, pool (no water) exposes a deep vein of envy. The lines of the script reveal a collective experience of guilt and jealousy that ring true to so many of us in the facebook generation.

Written by: Mark Ravenhill

Directed by: Jill Harper

Choreography: Patricia Allison

Starring: Allison Price, Daniel Roberts, Chy Ryan Spain, Eva Barrie, and Nickeshia Garrick

Stage Management: Tamara Protic & Beth Beardsley

Set Design: Christine Groom

Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter

Sound Design: Tim Lindsay

Original Production:

Directed by: Jill Harper

Choreography: Patricia Allison

Starring: Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman, Allison Price, Daniel Roberts, and Chy Ryan Spain

Stage Management: Kate Stenson and Tamara Protic

Set Design: Christine Groom

Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter

Sound Design: Tim Lindsay

Critics 2017

“disturbing, fun and deeply thought-provoking” – NOW Magazine

“Cue6 is offering a very special gift to the Toronto theatre scene: their vibrant and compelling production” – Mooney on Theatre 

“The overall effect of the choreography and ensemble cast…is nightmarish” – Toronto Star

Critics 2015

“NNNN Fast-moving, intellectually and morally stimulating, and filled with angry humour, this show is going to be a Fringe hit.”-Now Magazine

“Chilling and controlled, pool (no water) might be in my head for days: a thoughtful and precise play with themes that go below the surface of art and humanity – definitely an experience worth having at the theatre.”- Gay Theatre Toronto

“4 1/2 Out of 5 Stars”- The Torontoist

“I want to see it again, about six more times, to fully let it settle. I want to bring friends and family and collaborators and artists I admire, and watch it rattle around in their heads. I want to revisit it in six months, and in a year, and in five, and in ten, and so on into the horizon. This one’s going to stick with me, and it’ll stick with you, too.”- Mooney on Theatre

“dark and highly intelligent”- The Way I See It Blog

4 Out of 5 Stars- “pool (no water), especially when so well performed as here, deserves to be remounted to reach a larger audience.” – Stage Door

“It’s a complex dynamic of love, hate, friendship, and art and success in Cue6 Productions’ remarkable Pool (No Water).”- Life With More Cowbell