Dungeons & Dragons & Dinner 4

Welcome to Cue6 Theatre’s Dungeons & Dragons & Dinner


$55-$95 – Ticket and Game Details Below

Eat, drink, and be merry while taking part in a brand new chapter of Cue6’s D&D&D!

One of Cue6’s expert Dungeon Masters will guide you and your team through at tailor-made campaign in the universe of a multi-campaign mega-game, while you enjoy a 3-course meal from a local chef and craft beer from Toronto’s Longslice Brewery. 

Each campaign builds to the end of the night when one player from each session takes part in THE FINAL ENCOUNTER.

When: Sunday, November 24th 2019

Doors @2pm- Game Begins @3pm- THE FINAL ENCOUNTER @7pm

Where: The Emmet Ray (924 College St)

Proudly Sponsored by Longslice Brewery

Ticket Details

Easy Going Adventurer – $55

Easy going adventurers take part in one of our 6 Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Your campaign and character will be selected for you.

Ticket price includes:

  • Hors d’oeuvres and dinner
  • 1 free tallcan from Longslice Brewery
Methodical Mercenary – $75

Methodical Mercenaries are able to choose either which of our 6 Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns they would like to take part in, OR what class of character they would like to play as.

Ticket price includes:

  • Hors d’oeuvres and dinner
  • 2 free tallcans from Longslice Brewery
  • Your own D20 die
All-Powerful Emperors

All-Powerful Emperors are able to choose BOTH which of our 6 Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns they would like to take part in AND which class of character they would like to play as.

Ticket price includes:

  • VIP treatment from the beginning of the night – including individualized service from one of our wenches, 3 minute massage during play, one of the most comfortable seats in the house, and more!
  • An entire Dungeons & Dragons dice set
  • A commemorative D&D miniature
  • Hors d’oeuvres and dinner
  • 2 free tallcans from Longslice Brewery
Ticket Types



Isfjall Map

High on the spires of Mount Isfjall, the normally dour, black walls of Castle Ennestein are draped in glory in celebration of a wedding that will spell the end of a century long blood feud. But when a ferocious winter storm traps the wedding guests within the walls, it’s only a matter of time before old rivalries are remembered… and revenged. Can you escape the frozen halls of Castle Ennestien, and what will remain of Body and Soul if you do?

You awaken in the dark, freezing hold of a ship. You have no recollection of how you got there, or who these strangers with whom you find yourself are. As madness and horror creep into the corners of your mind, all that is clear is that nothing is as it should be. Can you discover the troubling truths behind this terrifying situation? Or will the dark, otherworldly forces overwhelm you?

You stand at a crossroads in an underground dungeon, utterly lost. You hold in your hand a book with the scribblings of a madman, warning of apocalyptic tidings that can only be stopped if you follow their instructions to the letter. You flip through it and feel a sickening clench in your stomach: the writing shifts each time you turn the page. Will you be able to unravel the mystery within these halls, or will you succumb to the enthralling madness in these pages?

You can no longer remember how long you have been hunting Colonel Darnoc. You can’t even remember your names, or the faces of the people you wanted to protect from the madness and terror Darnoc seeks to unleash upon the world. Were you friends once? Family? Did you serve under Darnoc’s command? You wish you could remember but time runs short, and there is no room for hesitation or mercy. Darnoc must die. And only you can do it.

Your head is pounding. You are cold. You feel a rough stone floor under you. Your eyes flutter open to a torchlit room. They alight upon a pile of yellow cloth, the stillness of which sends a shudder through your already shivering bones. A body. You smell blood, and ash. Bleary visions of others stirring around you dance and swim as you sit up and realize: you have no idea who or where you are. An unspeakable terror creeps into the edges of your consciousness and you think, “What have I done?”

Summiting Isfjall is no small task and it took Artemis Bradbury years – and what little fortune he had left – to finally convince a party to attempt the climb with him…

Now you’ve awoken hanging off a cliff-face, a vaguely familiar old man calling for your aid. You neither recognize him, nor the large wooly beast standing over him, ready to bludgeon him to death with a club. But you do recognize the familiar grip of an ice axe in your hand…and so, you begin to climb.