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Welcome to Cue6’s Dungeons & Dragons & Dinner

Tickets $55-$95. See full details below.

Eat, drink, and be merry while taking part in the NEXT CHAPTER of Cue6’s D&D&D! Talk, laugh, and fight your way into and out of hilarious and harrowing situations in a tailor-made story arc that leads you all to the end of the night, when one player from each session takes part in THE FINAL ENCOUNTER. All while being served a hearty and delicious meal fit for a hero.

When: Sunday, May 5th 2019

Doors @ 2pm, Game Begins @3pm, Dinner @5pm, THE FINAL ENCOUNTER @7pm  

Where: The Emmet Ray (924 College St)

Proudly Sponsored by Longslice Brewery

Ticket Types

Easy-Going Adventurers – $55

Easy going adventurers take part in one of our 6 Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Your campaign and character will be selected for you.

Ticket price includes:

  • Hors d’oeuvres and dinner
  • 1 free tallcan from Longslice Brewery

Methodical Mercenaries – $75

Methodical Mercenaries are able to choose either which of our 6 Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns they would like to take part in, OR what class of character they would like to play as.

Ticket price includes:

  • Hors d’oeuvres and dinner
  • 2 free tallcans from Longslice Brewery
  • Your own D20 die

All-Powerful Emperors – $95

All-Powerful Emperors are able to choose BOTH which of our 6 Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns they would like to take part in AND which class of character they would like to play as.

Ticket price includes:

  • VIP treatment from the beginning of the night – including individualized service from one of our wenches, 3 minute massage during play, one of the most comfortable seats in the house, and more!
  • An entire Dungeons & Dragons dice set
  • A commemorative D&D miniature
  • Hors d’oeuvres and dinner
  • 2 free tallcans from Longslice Brewery



Spring is a time of celebration in Silvadell. Long has the valley been a place of peace, and the covenant between the people that live there and the magical creatures that protect it has been strong for hundreds of years. But that is all about to change…

Campaign #1- Into the Deep Dark Woods

Dungeon Master: Robin Toller

Every child in Sunsoil Glen grows up hearing bedtime stories of the dangers lurking in the Forbidden Forest: witches, wolves, and devouring shadows. Discover if these fairy tales are tall or true as you explore the spooky wood to retrieve a fey weapon of unimaginable power!

Campaign #2- The Twisted Tower

Dungeon Master: Luke Norton

Search the illustrious tower of Glimmervale’s Museum of Supernatural Relics for ancient finery, but beware:  mercurial magic has warped the exhibits with puzzles, traps, and mysterious monsters that will bend both the minds of those who face them, and reality itself…

Campaign #3- The Echoing Caverns

Dungeon Master: Josh Browne

Something strange is happening in Addersfield. The mayor is terrified, your neighbours won’t talk to you, and no one seems to be concerned that doom is upon you. Infiltrate a bizarre cult and fight your way back out with your prize, and your life!

Campaign #4- The Valerio Affair

Dungeon Master: Jonah Hundert

The local magistrate of Rivercross is hosting a grand ball at his estate, but he is also hoarding a powerful artifact. Planning, stealth, and hijinx will be the name of the game as you gain access to the ball, avoid detection, and abscond with his prized possession.

Campaign #5- Walk On The Wild Side

Dungeon Master: Seann (The Extra N is for Nerd) Murray

Brave a haunted forest and the rain swept streets of Anchor to rescue the ill-fated port town from a mysterious magical contagion that brings out the beast in people.

Campaign #6- The Isle Of Lochlatus

Dungeon Master: Mac Hillier

Avoid, outwit, or slay the creatures that have taken up residence in the catacombs of the abandoned and overgrown town of Lochlatus in this classic dungeon-crawl quest to recover the Ring of Titania.